It’ freezing…

We woke up to a frost so our Ice Scraper key ring came in handy. Just attach it to your car keys and get clearing those windscreens! They make great stocking fillers and secret santa pressies. In pink or blue it’s your choice :)

Feeling spooky?

Funny Teeth will surprise any trick or treaters tomorrow make sure you get dressed up! There are four different sets to create a really gruesome look!

Our sales director wearing one of our great products - The Geek Set at one of recent exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Our sales director wearing one of our great products - The Geek Set at one of recent exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Win! A Chuckle Buddie - All you have to do is share a picture of something daft, crazy or silly which made you laugh! The best one will win the prize.

Have some fun with this WHOOPEE CUSHION KEYCHAIN.  Mini electronic whoopee cushion keychain, give it a squeeze to hear one of 3 different fart sounds. Farts on the go!

Toy of the week…

This week’s toy of the week is the Chitter Chatters.  The Chitter Chatters just love to talk and once you start gossiping they can’t help repeat everything you say! As they get going their heads bob up and down and each animal has their own special voice. Choose from a mouse, penguin, monkey or meerkat and listen to them gabble away at speed!

Win win win…

Friday Fun, win one of our super annoying Annoying Monsters!  All you need to do is come up with a caption for the below photo and our favourite will win!!

Tuesday Fun…

As usual, rain is predicted in the UK for the next few days.  Check out our hilarious Umbrella hat and never get wet again!

Toy of the week…

Our toy of the week this week are the Chuckle Buddies!!  When it comes to having fun no one does it better than the Chuckle Buddies. These new cute and cuddly toys literally roll around on the floor when you make them laugh. It’s impossible not to laugh as they have fits of laughter. Whether you love the hound, monkey or cat each one is too cute for their own good.

If you like to listen to music while you are at work, we have the perfect thing for you!  Our fantastic Colour changing Juke box style speaker, which will brighten up your desk and is suitable for use with Mp3’s and Computers.